Ewing Watson, a Biography of Service

By Paul Watson, son of Ewing Stuart Watson

Ewing Stuart Watson
Lt.-Col. Retired, USArmyAF
Richardson, Texas

I left Grand Island Nebraska with a full B17 crew and flew a new B17G to England landing in early December 1943. I left the plane at Prestwick and went by train to Bovington (near London) for a 2 week orientation course, and then to Ridgewell, where the 381st Bomb Group was located.

My crew and I were assigned to the 533rd squadron. I was assigned there as a 2nd LT. I was promoted to first LT, Captain and then Major. In early 1945 I was given command of the 533rd squadron. I flew 47 missions. Ten of these were with my original crew. Twenty were flown as a "lead pilot". The remainder were flown as "acting Command Pilot" and leading our Group, our Wing or the 8th Air Force.

I was promoted to LT Colonel after I got back to the states. All of my original officers were killed flying with other crews, as were two of my original enlisted men. No one was ever killed on any of my planes, although we were shot up pretty well at times.

Ewing Stuart Watson

Paul Watson adds: My dad was born in 1918 in Bowie Texas a 4th generation Texan. He went to the University of Texas as a blocker for the Football team and was in his 2nd year when he joined the service. He later became a lawyer and landman for ARCO and retired as VP of the land department.

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