Stories from the 381st

Stories and biographies that have been submitted by 381st veterans, their descendants, and other interested parties. Submissions are accepted via the contact page.

381st Tragedies June 23, 1943 - Bomb Loading Explosion
April 23, 1945 - Isle of Man

Matt Berk The Miraculous Survival of Matt Berk & Wade McCook
Richard A. Bettencourt Ridgewell 1945
Bob Bilbruck Ten Young Men | Another Day at the Bomb Dump
John M. Carah Achtung! Achtung! Die Flugfestungen Kommen!
Warren B. Carah Tragedy in the Pyrenees | Robert Withers Biography
Winston Churchill Commendation to 8th AF Crews
John Comer A Matter of Days
Allen Crosson Mission To Bremen - A Trip Into The Past
Cindi Cummins Doman Heroic Initiative
Philip P. Dreiseszun Gentlemen, the Target for Today is Hamburg!

Dwight D. Eisenhower D-Day Message from Eisenhower
Lifford E. French French's Life Vest
Lee Gnatzig My Favorite Pilot
James F. Grey Combat Mission Diary
Melvin R. Hecker Two War Time Articles
Robert Herr Fire Over Stuttgart | Return to Ridgewell
Hogan Family Grandkids Support Memorial
John Howland Pathfinders Pt 1 | Pathfinders Pt 2: Mickey Operators-Gee-D Day | Sodium Vapor Flares | Darky (command set radio) | SplasherUse of GEE on the Kiel RaidGEE-H and OBOE Explained | The Last Day of Big Week | Frank Palenik | The White Hart Inn | Carl Clark and the Unforgettable Takeoff | Carl Clark Pilot and Historian.
Dave Hutchens Checking Out the Fighter Pilots | Schweinfurt

Earl J. Malerich 303rd BG GH Navigator Flies With 381st
Kimberlee A. Moore Dry Gulcher Revisted
Jean Pastre Montgomery My Life As A POW
Francis E. Owens Owens Dedication
Kevin Pearson 381st Bomb and Shield
William B. Poland, Jr. How a B-24 Crew Landed With the 381st
Bill Poland Cambridge Poem

Paul Scherrman Memorial at the Scherrman Aircraft Crash Site
Lloyd Sunderland Mission to Munich | Contrails Explained | 381st BG Ship on a U.S. Stamp

Ewing Watson 533rd BS Commanding Officer | Plauen Mission
Kevin Wlson 432nd ASG Tours Germany
Robert Withers Withers' Biography
Everett Worrell Pilot Recalls Aircraft

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