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Scherrman Crew Memorial
Scherrman Crew Memorial

Photos courtesy of George Lippi

On March 9, 1945, the 381st flew a mission against the marshaling yards at Kassel. The Scherrman crew did not return, the loss was written this way in the 381st War Diary:

"The aircraft was hit by flak over the target between the No. 3 engine and the bomb bay. The whole right side was afire as it began to glide down to about 15,000 feet, where it was seen to explode. Two 'chutes were reported."

The aircraft was B-17G #43-39012 (VE-J) "Miss Fortune", no photos are known to exist of this aircraft.

The Medical Detachment War Diary covers it this way:

"Lt Scherrman’s ship, 532nd, which was carrying incendiaries was apparently hit in the bomb bay, just before bombs away. The aircraft was seen going down under control and no chutes were seen to open."

These pictures are of the memorial erected at the crash site.

The memorial is also dedicated to a German civilian, Leo Theobold "born June 25, 1927, Gisingen - Searland, died March 14, 1945, death apparently related to the March 9th crash.