381st Bomb Group Memorial Association, Inc.

We Want You.

The 381st Bomb Group (H) Memorial Association welcomes new members to our ranks of seven hundred fifty members preserving the memory of the 381st during WWII.  We offer two categories of membership due to regulatory requirements concerning the percentage of veterans in the association.  Benefits and privileges are the same for both organizations and each membership includes husband and wife.  We offer fraternal activities with annual reunions, maintain historical records, offer a college scholarship, and publish a newsletter once per year.  We assist veterans and families seeking historical information about the 381st Bomb Group history from 1943-45.

Veterans of the 381st Bomb Group and any unit at Ridgewell Airdrome, Essex England, Station 167 during WWII, wives and widows of 381st veterans; or  other WWII and later era US Military veterans who are descendants or friends are assigned to the 381st BGMA and welcomed into the association.

Non-veteran descendants and relatives of 381st veterans or  non-veteran friends interested in the history of the 381st Bomb Group are assigned to the "381st Triangle L Society" and are welcomed also.

Although our WWII generation ranks have thinned, the association has grown as family and friends join to commemorate the rich history, service, and accomplishments of the 381st personnel.

Contact Information

All membership applications, address changes, dues, contributions, should be sent to Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Wilson at the main association address: 381st Bomb Group Memorial Association, 145 Kimel Park Drive, Suite 370, Winston-Salem, NC 27013-6972  Email: KevinWilson@381st.org

If you have questions about 381st BG history or personnel, please read  the Reseacrh Help section and search the Roster and War Diaries in the History section as your first step.  Other questions may be posted on the 381st Forum for forum members to post responses.  Further questions may be sent to Secretary @ the following: KevinWilson@381st.org  Please state the purpose of your inquiry and your relationship to the 381st BG with your question.  Due to the volume of these requests,  first priorities are given to our 381st Veterans and members of the Memorial Association.  We do not publish our association members contact information on the internet forum or provide this information to others without their permission.  Only Members of the Memorial Association have access to this membership contact information and any commercial use of this information is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the association.

We welcome submission of copies of photos, mission records, formation sheets, veteran historical accounts or copies of other material for memorial association archives in addition to posting these  items on the website, please contact Kevin Wilson at the above association address for details.

Membership Fees

Annual Dues: $25.00 for the calendar year payable each year.  Dues notices are mailed each year to members who pay annually.

Lifetime Memberships: Application for Lifetime Membership option has been discontinued effective October 2008 per Board decision.  All existing Lifetime Memberships will continue as usual without change.  All new membership applications will only be processed with annual dues statements.

Association Directors

Vincent R. Perrone

J Ross Greene

Scott Cummings

Kevin E. Wilson



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Mailing Address

381st Bomb Group Memorial Association
145 Kimel Park Drive, Suite 370

Winston-Salem,  NC 27103-6972

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