Reunion History

The 381st has held annual reunions since 1978.  Here's a list of when, where, and who organized the reunion. In 2001 the association began using a commercial service to coordinate the reunions.

Year Location Committee Chairman
2015 Detroit/Ypsilanti, MI Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2014 Portland, OR Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2013 San Antonio, TX Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2012 Dayton, OH Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2011 Colorado Springs, CO Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2010 Nashville, TN Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2009 Charleston, SC Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2008 San Diego, CA Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2007 New Orleans, LA Kevin Wilson
Reunion Service
2006 Washington, DC Joe Waddell
Reunion Service
2005 Saint Louis, MO* Joe Waddell
Reunion Service
2004 Seattle, WA Joe Waddell
Reunion Service
2003 Houston, TX Joe Waddell
Reunion Service
2002 Dayton, OH Joe Waddell
Reunion Service
2001 Hampton, VA Joe Waddell
Reunion Service
2000 Las Vegas, NV Joe Newell
1999 Houston, TX Art Johnston
1998 Savanna, GA George & David Shackley
1997 Baltimore, MD Art Sherman
1996/td> Alburquerque, NM Tom LaMore
1995 San Francisco, CA Rich Bettencourt
1994/td> Omaha, NE Herbert Kwart
1993 Orlando, FL Paul Lear
1992 San Diego, CA Frank Sexton
1991 Nashville, TN Howard Kesley
1990 Madison, WI Joe Waddell
1989 Salt Lake City, UT Ford Thueson
1988 Phoenix, AZ Don Rutan
1987 Boston, MA Bob Gluck
1986 Ashville, NC Reubin Russell
1985 Seattle, WA Larry Smith
1984 Colorado Springs, CO Cliff Decker
1983 San Antonio, TX Bob Fricks
1982 Harvey, IL Joe Doerfler
1982 Ridgewell, England Paul Chryst
1981 Orlando, FL Paul Lear
1980 Long Beach, CA Ed Klein
1979 Dayton, OH Darrell DeBolt
1978 Hershey, PA John Wierman


*The 2005 reunion was originally scheduled for New Orleans; however, hurricane Katrina forced the reunion to be relocated to St. Louis.

Association History

History of the Association, by Joe Waddell, past Association Secretary/Treasurer.

The association was formed in 1977 at an Eighth Air Force Association reunion when six 381st BG veterans decided to try to find other group veterans and hold collateral meetings at the 8th AF reunions. They found about twenty other 381st BG veterans and held their first independent meeting at Hershey, PA, in 1978 with John Wierman as host.

T. Paxton "Pax" Sherwood was an driving force behind the early years of the association. The association has held annual reunions each year since 1978.

The association is incorporated in the state of Wisconsin and has nonprofit status granted by the IRS.

The purpose of the association is to encourage fraternal activities, foster patriotism and loyalty, maintain historical records, assist members of the association and their families, maintain allegiance to the United States, and to preserve and defend it from all enemies. - from the association constitution adopted in 1989.

The association publishes a newsletter generally  twice a year, holds well attended yearly reunions, regularly produces a membership directory, has an active forum, answers research questions via this web site, offers association materials for sale via the PX, and much more.

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