381st BG Data Sets

  • Personnel Roster - Assembling a complete and accurate list of personnel assigned to the various units at Ridgewell between summer of 1943 and 1945 is an extremely complicated task. No 'official' roster survives in the archives. This roster was the work of Joe Waddell, our late association secretary/treasurer. It has been refined over the years. Corrections are welcome and may be submitted via the site contact page.

  • Mission List - This is a list of 381st missions. Mission numbers are internal group numbers. Need to add 8th AF mission numbers and a few more details.

  • War Losses - This list containing all the known group fatalities was assembled by Kevin Wilson and Joe Waddell. Corrections may be submitted via the site contact page.

  • Missing Air Crew Reports - If a group aircraft was lost in enemy controlled territory, a Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) was generated shortly afterwards. Each report lists the crew aboard, aircraft number, date, approximate location and witness statements if available. Copies of all group MACRs are available in the members section.

  • Aircraft Inventory - No official list of group aircraft exists although we do have a pretty good handle on which serial numbers were flown by the group. However, aircraft nicknames were never official. That section of the inventory list will always be a work in progress. Corrections are welcome.

  • Accident Report List - If a group aircraft was lost in an area under Allied control, an Accident Report was generated.

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