Published Books

381st Bomb Group by Ron MacKay.

Squadron/signal publications, 1994, ISBN: 0897473140. Note that Ron's book, Ridgewell's Flying Fortresses: The 381st Bombardment Group (H) in World War II is newer and really an expansion on what he started in this first book.

Achtung! Achtung! Die Flugfestungen Kommen! (Attention! Attention! The Flying Fortresses are Coming!) Memoirs of WW-II by Lt. Col. John M. Carah, ed. by Warren B. Carah

Elbow Lane Books, 2006, ISBN: 0978930207.  WWII memoirs of John Carah, 381st group original, shot down July 4th, 1943.

The B-17 Flying Fortress Story: Design-Production-History by Roger Freeman and Dave Osborne

Arms & Armour, 1998 (hardback), ISBN: 1854093010, 2000 (paperback) ISBN: 1854095226. A great resource, including a comprehensive listing of all 12,731 Flying Fortresses produced - compiled by our own Dave Osborne.

Beyond Fantasy: Story of War and Sex by Ernest C. King, 535th

Inland Publishing Co., 1985. ISBN: 0961839104.King was aboard Chug-a-Lug Lulu, Disbrow Crew, when the went down on First Schweinfurt. Crewmate Joe Walters evaded.

The Class of '43 by John W. Howland.

Self-published, 1993, 83 pages. John's personal story, includes several short vignettes.

Combat Crew A True Story of Flying and Fighting in World War II by John Comer, 533rd.

Many editions published, including a Kindle version.. 381st BG, 533rd BS veteran.  The book is easy to find because of its popularity and the multiple editions. Well worth the read.

Diary of  Pathfinder Navigator by  John W. Howland.

Self-published, 1999, 149 pages. Covers John's interesting history as a Pathfinder navigator for both the 381st and the 91st Bomb Groups.

Fear No More: A B-17 Navigator's Journey by David A. McCarthy, [outline maps by Patrick Carey]

Pittsburgh : Cottage Wordsmiths in association with DAMBooks, 1991. xix, 220 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm. ISBN: 0962415537. Availability unknown.

Find a Fallen Hero: The Death of a Ball Turret Gunner by Bob Korkuc

University of Oklahoma Press, 2008, ISBN: 0806138920.  Bob is the nephew of 532nd BS BTG, Anthony Korkuc, KIA Feb 25, 1944.  The book is the story of the author's quest for information about his uncle.  Many photos and interviews.

Flight Surgeon: Diary of Medical Detachment, 1943-1944 by Lt. Col. Ernest Gaillard, Jr., MD USAAF-MC (Ret.)

1st Books Library, 2003, ISBN: 1410746712.

Gems for Living by Chaplain James Good Brown.

Schroeder Publications, Madison, WI, 1993, 148 pages, publish in conjunction with the 381st Bomb Group (H) Memorial Association. Contains a short biography, inspirational pieces, prayers, texts of various memorial addresses on behalf of the 381st BGMA, and other gems.

Halstead and Colne Valley at War (1939 - 1945) by Dave Osborne

The History Press LTD, 1999, ISBN: 0752415069.  A photographic history of the area.

Lucky Dog: The Experiences of One Member of the U.S. Army Air Corps During World War II by Douglas E. Holt, 534th BS

Stone Hedge Graphics, 2007, ISBN: 1604027231. An excellent account of his training and missions flown from Ridgewell.

The Mighty Men of the 381st: Heroes All by Dr. James Good Brown , Group Chaplain

Publishers Press, 1985, 1989, LLCN 94065978.  This great book is out of print, but can be found via used book dealers.

Mission Memories by Ted Homdrom, 535th navigator

Self-published, 2002, ISBN: 0972155708.  A very well written account of his 30 mission tour from Nov 1943 to Jul 1944.

My War by Roger W. Burwell (532nd Nav)

Selkirk Press, Inc., Sandpoint, Idaho 83864, 1990.

Not Without Honor: The Nazi POW Journal of Steve Carano, With Accounts by John C. Blitzer and Bill Blackmon . Ed by Kay Sloan.

University of Arkansas Press, 2008.  ISBN-10: 1557288844.  Wartime log of Steve Carano and journal kept while in Stalag 17-B with additional account by fellow 381st POW, Bill Blackmon, including the forced march until liberation in April 1945.

On Final Approach: Recollections of a World War II B-17 Air Crew by Edward C. Carr

Self-published, 2002. ISBN: 0972117806. 208 pages. Ed Carr flew 35 missions, this book is about his crew and their missions with the 381st.

One Man's War: The WWII Saga of Tommy LaMore by Tommy LaMore and Dan A. Baker.

Taylor Trade Publishing, 2002, 336 pages, ISBN: 0878332693.

The Raid on Oschersleben by John Thomas Mills, Earl Vernon Mills, and completed by Jean-Marie Nixon M.S.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2011, 102 pages, ISBN: 1461082951. Memoirs of Left Waist Gunner, John T. Mills.

Ridgewell's Flying Fortresses: The 381st Bombardment Group (H) in World War II by Ron MacKay

Schiffer, 2000, ISBN: 0764310631. This is Ron's second book on the 381st. It is hardcover - 256 pages.

They Came From Over the Pond by David Osborne

Each chapter covers one month of our combat history, appendices include a mission list, bomb load list for each mission, the serial number of every B-17 ever assigned to the group, and a list of all personnel ever assigned to the group or its supporting units. 479 pages, paperback!

To Great Yoho and Back: A WWII Biography of Robert Leon Singleton by Robert L. Singleton, Jr.

Bearcliff, 2002. ISBN: 0971684316. Written by his son, about half of the book covers the war years including time at Ridgewell where Robert Singleton served as a gunnery instructor and toggalier with 23 missions before the war ended.

Triumphant We Fly: A 381st Bomb Group Anthology 1943 - 1945 by Ken Stone

Turner Publishing, 1997, ISBN: 1563111268.

Vanishing Contrails: The Complete Memoiors of Lt. Col. James Franklin Grey, USAF Ret.

Edited by James Hunter Grey. Wordclay, 2011, 400 pages. ISBN: 1604819502.

The View From The Bottom Up by Robert Gilbert

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012, ISBN-10: 1468049879. Bob flew 35 missions as a Ball Turret Gunner with the 533rd BS.

Art Work Featuring the 381st

Ivan Berryman

  • Cat Among the Pigeons
  • Last One Home

Chris Collingwood

  • US Bombardier

Douglas Ettridge

  • Coming Home

Richard Groh

  • Queen of the Sky (pencil)

Alex Hamilton

  • A Long Way From Ridgewell

Alexandre Jay, or AJay

  • Buzz-Job! (pencil)

Michael Land (acrylic, oil, and watercolor)

  • The 381st Memorial, Ridgewell
  • After the Storm
  • B17 "Little Rock-ette"
  • Carving the Turkey
  • Fearless Fosdick
  • In the Company of Heroes
  • Joker's High
  • Just For the Moment There Was Peace
  • Misty Ridgewell
  • Onward to Bremen
  • Return From Zwickau
  • Return From Zwickau (Little Buddies)
  • Returning to Base
  • S for Sugar
  • To Hell and Back
  • Triumphant We Fly
  • The Winter of '44

Graeme Lothian

  • Mustang Escort

David Wayne Russell

  • Sortie At Dawn (painted plate, issued by the Paralyzed Veterans of America)

Pat Speirs (digital art prints, photo manipulation)

  • 381st Bomb Group Outbound
  • B17- Yankee Lady
  • Escort Service
  • The Good Shepherd
  • Little Friend

Robert Taylor

  • Coming Home
  • Return from Schweinfurt
  • Thunderheads Over Ridgewell
  • Winter's Welcome

Troy White

  • Dicke Autos

Artist / Manufacturer uncertain

  • Keep 'em Flying! Bonds will buy Bombs! (11.75  x 8.5, porcelain on metal, reproduction sign)

Scott Burris in conjunction with the late-Lloyd Sunderland

  • 381st Bomb Group, Triumphant We Fly! (out of print poster)

(this list is a work in progress, your submissions welcome)

Web Sites Related to the 381st

Ridgewell Airfield Commemorative Association -
Lee Gnatzig's 381st site -
Jean and Jerry Gasko's embroidery site -
Ross Greene's site with some great photos -
St. Augustine’s Church, Birdbrook, Memorial page -



Various files - 381st BGMA Web Site, association members only area: newsletters, histories, microfilm scans, Missing Air Crew Reports, Escape and Evasion Reports.

381st Bomb Group Historical Photos CD. 1st Edition.  Available in the 381st web site gallery.

Video - availability uncertain:

Dry Gulcher Down: Follows the story of ten men who grew up in Depression America and found themselves aboard the ill-fated B-17 bound for the Luftwaffe research facilities at Peenemunde. They never made it. The documentary traces the life stories of the crew of aircraft number 42-97594 of the 381st Bomber Group (H) flying out of Ridgewell, England. On August 4, 1944 the aircraft caught fire after takeoff and plunged to a fiery end not far away. At the controls was famed television director Irving Moore, who remained in the cockpit until it was almost too late. Nine crew bailed out to safety. Only the tail gunner, S/Sgt Harold Norris went down with the plane. A unique look at the men who spearheaded the air war against Germany and the price they had to pay.

From Pyote to Fortress Europe: This documentary traces the 381st Bomb Group (H) from activation in Pyote, Texas in 1942 through combat with the 8th Air Force in the European Theater of Operations. During World War II, the 381st participated in the daylight bombing raids on German targets where the group dropped more than 22 thousand tons of bombs. This documentary provides an exciting look into the human side of war as B-17 air crews struggled to beat the odds in the skies over Europe.

Hot Seat on a Bomber Over Schweinfurt: This video tape narrated by Ken Stone.

All the Fine Young Men: a documentary that aired on NBC in the mid 1980s.   Produced by Films Inc. from Wilmette, IL, in 1984. "Examines the human story of the air crews of the U.S. Army's Eighth Air Force who put everything at risk on bombing raids deep into Germany during World War II. Some of the fliers who lived through those days recount their experiences. Includes historic film footage."    A copy is held by the Sulzer Regional Library of the Chicago, Il, public library system, call no. D785.A44 1984.

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