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Ackerman, Charles E.534 BSq23-Apr-45IOM
Adelmeyer, Harvey E.534 BSq22-Mar-45275
Ahl, Walter J.533 BSq15-Mar-45270
Alford, Allan T.534 BSq9-Oct-4337
Allchim, Harry, Jr.532 BSq1-Dec-4346
Allen, Roger H.533 BSq23-Jun-43O/B
Ammerman, Earl G.534 BSq23-Apr-45IOM
Anagnos, Anthony A.533 BSq11-Jan-4459
Anderson, Charles534 BSq24-May-44116
Anderson, Everett S.535 BSq20-Dec-4351
Anderson, John B.532 BSq3-Feb-45245
Anderson, Robert H.7th Sta29-Jun-4315
Anderson, Walter J.532 BSq30-Jul-4316
Arbiter, Jerome533 BSq9-Oct-4337
Arning, Eugene535 BSq28-Apr-44101
Ashcraft, Robert N.533 BSq23-Jun-43IOM
Atkinson, Challen P.533 BSq17-Aug-4320
Avrett, John V.535 BSq20-Dec-4351
Ayers, George534 BSq29-Jan-4461
Babines, Michael C., Jr.534 BSq8-Mar-4477
Backelin, Warren534 BSq24-May-44116
Baer, Carl O.535 BSq30-Jan-4462
Ball, Philip M.533 BSq11-Jan-4459
Bailey, Edward G.533 BSq23-Apr-45IOM
Ballou, Howard W.532 BSq8-Oct-4336
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War Loss Notes

Mission numbers are 381st mission numbers, not Eighth Air Force mission numbers.

IOM - Crash on Isle of Man
O/B - On Base
Lcl - Local

* Killed on escape attempt - Kelleher
** [died] as POW - Trapnell

List Compiled by Kevin Wilson and Joseph Waddell List based on Original Group and Squadron Diaries and Missing Air Crew Reports.

Send any corrections to Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Wilson via the contact page.

Copyright 381st BGMA, may not be reproduced or used commercially without permission of the memorial association.

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