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122-Jun-1943Antwerp, BelgiumJoe Nazzaro
223-Jun-1943St. Martin, FranceJoe Nazzaro
325-Jun-1943Hamburg, GermanyJoe Nazzaro
426-Jun-1943Villacoublay, FranceLeland Feigel
528-Jun-1943St. Nazaire, FranceJoe Nazzaro
629-Jun-1943Triqueville, FranceArt Briggs
74-Jul-1943LeMans, FranceLandon Hendricks
88-Jul-1943Villacoublay, FranceBill Ingerhutt
914-Jul-1943Amiens/Glisey, FranceBob Post
1017-Jul-1943Hanover, GermanyJoe Nazzaro
1124-Jul-1943Heroya, NorwayConway Hall
1225-Jul-1943Hamburg, GermanyDave Kunkel
1326-Jul-1943Hamburg, GermanyLeland Feigel
1428-Jul-1943Altenbuna, Germany 
1529-Jul-1943Kiel, Germany 
1630-Jul-1943Kassel, GermanyConway Hall
1712-Aug-1943Gelsenkirchen, GermanyBill Ingerhutt
1815-Aug-1943Brussels, Belgium 
1916-Aug-1943Paris, FranceJoe Nazzaro
2017-Aug-1943Schweinfurt, GermanyConway Hall
2119-Aug-1943Gilze Rijen, Holland 
2224-Aug-1943Villacoublay, France 
2327-Aug-1943Watten, France 
2431-Aug-1943Amiens, France 
253-Sep-1943Romilly, France 
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These are 381st missions numbers, not Eighth Air Force mission numbers.

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