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How do I gain access?

You must be logged into the web site and be a current and verified member of the association. To be verified and receive log in credentials, if you don't already have them, please submit your name via the contact page. The association secretary will check the information against the membership rolls. Once verified, log in credentials will be emailed to you.

Why is some information restricted?

Two reasons; to protect the membership directory and to encourage association membership. A side benefit is that we save on bandwidth as some of the files are quite large.

What's in the restricted file section?

  • The most recent Membership Directory
  • Copies of past newsletters
  • Copies of the War Diaries in Word format
  • Complete copies of the Missing Air Crew Reports for the 381st BG. We have 134 of the 136 MACRs for our group.
  • Digital scans of the group microfilm rolls. There are over 8 thousand frames totaling 1.22 GB of storage space.
  • Complete copies of Escape and Evasion reports on 381st BG personnel, we have 63 at current count.
  • A reproduction of the very hard to find 'Unit History', printed in 1945 by Vacher and Sons, London

Things we'd like to add

  • Accident Reports for 381st aircraft
  • 8th Air Force Tactical Mission Reports for all 381st missions
  • Back copies of old association newsletters
  • Formation diagrams for 381st missions
  • Our missing records

Use Restriction

This material may not be reproduced, or used commercially, without the permission of the memorial association.

The Membership Directory is intended to facilitate contacts among our members and any commercial use is strictly prohibited. Please do not give out any member information or publish any contact information on the internet without prior permission from the member.

The Flyer and the 381st BGMA Newsletter are copyright the 381st BGMA. These materials may not be reproduced or used commercially without permission from the Memorial Association. 

File Types:

PDF - Requires Adobe's PDF reader (it's free).

ZIP - Zipped archive.  Can be extracted by any Windows or Mac machine.

TXT - Text file.  Can be read by notepad, or any other text/word processing program.

Word - Microsoft Word 1997 - 2003 compatible file.  Can be viewed with Microsoft's free "Word Viewer"


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