Grandkids Support National WWII Memorial

Youngsters from Leeds, Alabama, tell us why they support the National WWII Memorial

Hello, we are Justin and Sean Hogan. Our granddad Thomas Hogan was a Sergeant in WWII and served as a tailgunner in the B-17 Stage Door Canteen for the 381st Bomb Group of the 8th Air Force.

Granddad won't say much about the war, but we met with granddad's buddies that are still living who fought right beside him. Our dad told us about how his buddies remembered granddad getting his turret shot up and how he continued to fire with bullets whizzing past him, to hold off a raid coming up from the rear.

Granddad never mentioned it, and still won't talk about it, and we know that Granddad does not cry, but we saw him cry at the reunion we went with him to in Washington D.C as they remembered his buddies that had died at the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Our dad has spent a lot of time telling us how important the efforts of the men and women of WWII were, but we know that if something makes our smiling granddad cry it must have been very important to him. But we also noticed that it made everyone of his buddies, our father, and everyone that was at the ceremony cry, and we know that this must have been a great event that our grandfather was a part of.

Our dad received a commendation while he was in the Air Force for his part in the invasion of Grenada, but he says that was nothing compared to what granddad did. We also found out our 6th Great Grandfather was one of only 16 people in Jefferson County to have fought in the Revolution. So we know our family has a long history of fighting for America. Our granddad says that all the members of our family fought so that us children can have a better life and not have to fight.

Please help remember the men and women of WWII like our granddad and our grandmother who was in the WAC's, by supporting the WWII Memorial...we did and you can too by clicking here [National W.W.II Memorial].

Below is the picture of us with granddad at one of his reunions besides the Memphis Belle B-17. We finally got to see how small the tail gunner section was and wondered how granddad got in there.

Here is the ceremony we spoke of at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, during the 381st Bomb Group Memorial Ceremony. They remembered our 6th great grandfather as a gunner on the USS Virginia in the Revolutionary War outside the Jefferson County Courthouse, we think it's time they remember our granddad too.

Granddad doesn't know we had dad do this page and please don't tell him either, just give some money to the WWII Memorial Fund instead, we did and you can too.

If someone in your family was in WWII you can have them remembered like we did for our granddad whether you give money or not. We think that is the least we can do for granddad is to have his name remembered for what he did.


Submitted by the Hogan Family

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