1775th Ordnance Company War Diary

Unit History 1942 - 1943


THE 1775th was activated I Nov 1942 at Walla Walla AFB, Washington, as per General Order #130, AAF HQ, Patterson Field, Fairfield, Ohio, dated 27 Oct 1942.

The unit was assigned to 83rd Service Group, with a cadre of seven EM assigned from 726th Ord. Co. as per Special Order #198, HQ San Bernardino AAF, Cal., dated 31 Oct 1942.

November 1942

On Nov 26 2nd Lt Donald L. Davis joined as commanding officer, having been transferred from 49th Service Group, at Walla Walla, and the following day 16 EM were moved in from 83rd Service Group HQ, Pendleton Field, Oregon. Three days later one officer and six EM traveled to Fort Lewis, Wash., to inspect receive and deliver 28 Government motor vehicles to Walla Walla, as per Special Order #144, HQ.


December opened with one officer and 22 EM on strength, but two weeks later 36 EM joined from HQ, Camp Stockton, Cal. as per SO #158. Two days on the company moved from Walla Walla via motor convoy to 83rd Serv. Gp, Pendleton Field, the 46 mile trip completed in foggy conditions. Three EM were transferred to 1100th Ord. Co. at Pendleton, then at the end of the month 2nd Lt Vincent T. Larney joined from Holabird Ordnance Base, as per SO #304.

January 1943

January 1943 opened with company strength consisting of two officers and 59 EM, with seven more EM transferred from 1776th Ord. Co. on the 7th, followed the next day by 21. EM moving to 1804th Ord. Co. Spokane, Wash, as per SO #6.

The company left Pendleton for Pueblo, Col. arriving on the 11th , some 1282 miles in cold weather. Three days later Lt Davis left for Officers Supply School for 30 days at Sacramento, as per SO #13. On the 22nd, 2nd Lt Raymond M. O'Shea was assigned, SO #12 from the War Department. Unfortunately 2nd Lt Vincent T. Lamey was killed in a B-17 crash at La Junta, Col. on the 24th, then the next day 2nd Lt Melvin I. Johnson was assigned from 1100th Ord. Co. Two days later the company was on the move again, this time to Colorado Springs in a practice convoy for the 90 mile trip, undertaken by one officer and 45 EM.


Company strength for February was three officers and 52 EM., with 2nd Lt Fred H. Kruetzer assigned, as per SO #28. Lt Melvin I. Johnson moved out on the 8th, to 1100th Ord. Co. SO #23. On the 11th for EM were attached from 1776th Ord. Co. while two officers and 44 EM left for Bayfield, Col., for Special Training Program, SO #40 from Pueblo HQ. Lt Davis returned from School, then two weeks later Lt Kruetzer left of Detached Service to Oklahoma Air Depot Training Station, Oklahoma City, as per verbal orders from the commanding officer, followed by the men returning from Bayfield at the end of the month.


Three officers, 58 EM and four EM attached were on strength at the beginning of March, but 20 EM joined from Pomona Ord. Depot, Cal., SO #42, dated 23 Feb. On the 2nd, Lt O'Shea transferred out to ADTS, Will Rogers Field, OK. followed a few days later by Lt Kruetzer returning from Woodward, Cal. On the 13th 2nd Lt Irving Lapore assigned from 1776th Ord. Co. and assumed duties as Maintenance Officer, Lt Kruetzer moving to the 1776th, joined a week later by Lapore. At the end of the month 20 EM were transferred to 551st Ord. Co. Training Center, Flora, Miss, as per SO #89 from Pueblo HQ.


April opened with one officer and 58 EM on strength. On the 16th 2nd Lt Donald L Davis was promoted to 1st Lt.

Further movements included on the 25th nine EM transferred to Rapid City, SD, as per SO #76; one EM assigned from 1776th Ord Co. as per HQ. Pueblo; two days later two EM transferred to 401st Service Sq, at Wendover, Ut., SO #78; the following day 2nd Lt Arthur E Coombs joined from 1100th Ord. Co. SO #79; two EM transferred to 379th Service Sq, 83rd Service Gp, at Pueblo. SO #79; Finally one EM was assigned from the 92nd Signal Sq. SO #80.


Two officers and 47 EM were on strength when May arrived. the company's scuttlebutt talking of moving to Europe.

On the 2nd one EM was transferred to 482nd Base HQ, Hill Field, Ogden. Utah; followed by another from 93rd Depot Supply Sq. 31st AD Group, Hill Field, Ogden; three days later one EM was assigned in return, SO #88; two others made reverse assignments before on the 16th the company left Pueblo for Camp Shanks, NY, SO #95, arriving on the 19th. A week later the company left by Government Trucks for POE, Staten Island, NY. and the next day embarked on USS Transport SS Jean, en route to overseas destination, four days later, 29th, arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia.


June 5 saw the ship leave Halifax to cross the North Sea to reach Sharpness, Scotland on the 21st, before moving on by trucks to Howard Hall, Stone, near Stoke on Trent. Two days later, left Stone by rail arriving AAF Station #167, Ridgewell, near Halstead, Essex Co, England, which was to be their home for the next two years, the strength at the time being two officers and 46 EM.


On July 1st the company was re-designated l775th Ordnance Supply and Maintenance Co. Two officers and 30 EM of l029th Ord. Co. were absorbed into company with Lt Hyland assuming command. The 1775th is broken down into five sections, Headquarters, Supply, Maintenance, Armament and Ammunition. HQ duties are made up to take care of all administrative work for the company and it also furnishes one Mess sergeant and two cooks.

The Supply section is made up of four men and they take care of all the requisitioning for all Ordnance equipment for the base (automotive, armament, etc.). Maintenance keeps all the motorized vehicles in good running condition, along with gasoline driven units, such as, radar energizers, air compressors and heaters.

The ammunition section takes care of all the unloading of bombs from convoys, ammunition, flares and fuses. They also load all practice bombs and belt Cal .50 ammunition. On the 2nd Lt Parkas was transferred to 305th BG, St #105, SO #17 from HQ 1AD; Lt Kelly appointed Station Ordnance Officer (primary duty); and the following day was appt as company commander; Lt Hyland appointed Executive Officer and Ordnance Armament Officer; Lt Davis as Automotive Officer and Lt Coombs as Ammunition Officer and Unit Censor, SO #36.At the end of the month one EM was transferred to 533rd BS, strength being four officers and 75 EM.


August saw one EM transferred to Dept. of Patients, 2nd General Hospital, APO #647.


September opened with a strength of four officers and 74 EM, with Lt James P. Kelly on seven days leave, Lt Billy H. Hyland assuming command.

11th: 2nd Lt Arthur E. Coombs assigned for 12 days to St #583; Lt Kelly return to take command from Lt Hyland.

15th: Lt Kelly appointed captain, and same day Lt Billy Hyland taken to l21st . General Hospital, Braintree.

21st: One officer and 15 EM attached for rations and quarters only from St #586, with Capt Kelly on TD at same station, then three days later these personnel returned.

30th: Pvt Reginaldi transferred on TD to First Bomb Division HQ.


October 3: Pfc Crawford attached base hospital at 23.00hrs, returning to duty three days later when T/4 Gladfelder took over on DS; Pfc Brown and Pvt Prusinowski transferred on DS to St #128; Sgt W.R. Ryan on DS at St #583.

8th: T/4 Gladfelder returned to duty, but T/4 Harris DS at hospital and for rest of month the unit provided personnel to base hospital.

25th: 1st Lt Leon S. Rothfeld (0-1583591); Lt Coombs also appt Camouflage Officer and Lt Davis appt Company Supply Officer and Lt James P. Kelly assigned as unit historian.


November brought similar assignments for unit personnel as the base hospital, with Capt Kelly on DS for two weeks at No 10 School of Technical Training, RAF Kirkham, Lancs., on the 7th Cpl Charles G. Brisson (14149105) transferred from APO 634. A week later T/5 Otto J. Donhauser (36562718) and Pfc Owen K. Wallace (32489989) transferred from 8th Filler Sq, St #345, then three days later Capt Kelly returned.

On the 22nd M/Sgt Ed Farmer (15054464) transferred to 1632nd Ord. Co. at 1AD HQ; the T/5 William G. Ward (39606137) on DS at No 10 Technical Training School, RAF Kirkham, Lancs.

Sgt Wendell R. Ryan re-classified from 014 to 901; T/5 David A. Brennan (33336137) from 014 to 050; T/5 Joseph W. Rowsell from 405 to 501; Pfc Edward C. Whatley (38191531) from 903 to 457; Pvt Donald P. Williams (38356253) from 457 to 901; Pvt James J. Williams (38182782) from 215 to 901; T/4 Xenophon W. Huston (39536107) on DS at hospital, as were until the end of the month: M/Sgt George E. Hathaway (19000436); Pvt Patrick J. Gallagher (39189785). Reduced to Pvt were T/5 Otto J. Donhauser (36562718) and 1st Sgt Robert A. Daino (35209883); T/5 Emory H. Grove (33241337) on DS to SOS Depot #640 for four weeks at 40mm Cannon School.


December proved to be a busy month, Lt Billy Hyland transferred to 1632nd Ord. Co, St # 105 ; on the 2nd from the same unit came 1st Lt Stettler; the following released from duty to furlough: S/Sgt Firth, S/Sgt Easterling, T/4 Harris, T/4 Szczepanik, T/4 Dailley, T/4 Foytek, T/5 Chase.

On the 6th Pvt Robert Daino transferred to 1449th Ord. Co. and to the Casual Pool went: 2nd Lts Franklin T. Gautschi (0-1554035), Chester I. Hartman (0-1554485), William L. Hausman (0-1554560).

The 8th saw T/5 Ryan and Pvt Reginaldi DS at No 10 Technical Training School, at RAF Kirkham, Lancs; the following day T/4 Twilley, Foytek and Chase on similar assignment. Then on the l0th Pvt Lonnie D. Gathorld (37393263) was on hospital duty , as were the usual personnel for the next two weeks along with the usual courses at RAF Kirkham, Lancs.

27. Pvt Fisher was absent from duty sick at 121st General Hospital, Braintree, and transferred to 65th General Hospital, Diss, Norfolk.


Unit History 1944



1. The New Year, 1944, came in with T/4 Guenther taking a furlough on the 1st, while T/4 Chapin returned from his furlough.
2. Sgt Marshall on DS AAF Station, Cheddington, at Bomb Recon. School. Pfc Carroll, Pvt Elder, T/5s Ryan, Hooker, Embray, Pvt Williams, Pfc Crawford, T/4 Huston, Pfc Gallagher and T /5 Hale from duty to furlough.
3. Pfc Saling, Pvt Reginaldi duty to hospital (pres); S/Sgt Denosey promoted to T/Sgt; Pfc Martin promoted to T/Sgt.
4. T/5 Riley duty to hospital (pres) at 1.4.00hrs.
5. Pfc Saling, Pvt Reginaldi duty to hospital (pres).
6. T/5 Razon on DS to No 10 Technical Training School, RAF Kirkham, Preston, Lancs. to duty .
9. Sgt Marshall returned from DS at AAF Station, Cheddington to duty; M/Sgt Hathaway on DS at AAF Station, Cheddington Bomb Recon. School; T/4 Guenther furlough to duty .
10. Pfc Black promoted to T/5; Pvt Williams, Pfc Crawford, Pfc Leaper, Pfc Gallagher, Pfc Carroll, Pvt Elder, T/5 Embray, T/5 Ryan, T/5 Hooker, T/4 Huston furlough to duty.
11. 2nd Lt Louis A. Carey (0-1564332) assigned are per SO #8, HQ 8th APRD.
12. S/Sgt Raine, S/Sgt Schnure, Sgt Marshall, T/4 Ferres, T/5 Black, T/5 Brennan, T/5 Courson, T/5 Grove, T/5 Riley, T/5 Rowsell, Pvt Reginaldi duty to furlough.
14. 2nd Lt Hausman on DS to No 10 School Technical Training, RAF Kirkham to duty.
17. M/Sgt Hathaway on DS at AAF Cheddington, Bomb Recon.,
20. Pvt Harry G. Fisher (12171924) transferred to Dept. of Patients. #65 General Hospital; S/Sgt Raine, S/Sgt Schnure, Sgt Marshall, T/4 Ferres, T/5 Black, T/5 Brennan, T/5 Courson, T/5 Grove, T/5 Riley, T/5 Rowsell, Pvt Reginaldi furlough to duty.
22. M/Sgt Hathaway, T/4 La Vigne. T/5 Wellington, Pfc Taylor, Pfc Whatley duty to furlough.
25. 2nd Lt Gautschi to Anti-Gas School; M/Sgt Van Moller furlough to duty .
26. T/5 Brennan to Anti-Gas School; M/Sgt Van Moller furlough to duty.
28. Pfc Isenberg hospital (pres) absent sick to 121st General Hospital, Braintree.
30. M/Sgt Hathaway, T/4 La Vigne, T/5 Wellington. Pfc Taylor, Pfc Whatley furlough to duty.
31. Pfc Brown on DS at AAF Cheddington, Bomb Recon School.


1. 1st Lt Davis, T/5 Bazan, T/5 Reynolds. T/5 Ward, Pfc Carbone, Pfc Carcona, Pvt Callaghan, Pvt Guthrie, Pvt Williams from duty to furlough.
3. S/Sgt Daino promoted T/Sgt.
6. Pfc Brown returned from DS at Cheddington to duty.
7. Pfc Isenberg and T/5 Wellington on DS to AAF Cheddington.
9. 2nd Lt Gautschi returned from Anti-Gas School to duty; 2nd Lt Hartman on DS from HQ 381st BG, returned to his unit.
10.1st Lt Davis. T/5 Bazan, T/5 Reynolds. T/5 Ward. Pfc Carbone. Pfc Carcona, Pvt Callghan, Pvt Guthrie, Pvt Williams, Pvt Prusinowski. Pvt Sell. Pvt Tenconi returned to duty; Pfc Crawford duty to furlough.
11. Cpl Brisson duty to furlough.
12. 1st Lt Davis assigned as Assistant Station Transport Officer; 2nd Lt Hartman and 2nd Lt Carey released for assignment to 3rd Bomb Division HQ; Pfc Crawford hospital (pres) to duty.
13. T/5 Wellington DS to AAF Cheddington to Bomb Recon. School; T/5 Grove on DS to No.10 School Technical Training at RAF Kirkham, Lancs.
14. T/Sgt Diller, Pfc Le Winter. Pvt Donhauser and Pfc Owen from duty to furlough.
15. 2nd Lt Coombs promoted to 1st Lt; T/5 Grove returned from RAF Kirkham to duty.
16. T/4 Ferras on DS Technical Training School. RAF Weston.
18. Cpl Brisson furlough to duty.
20. Pvt Prusinowski transferred to 534th Bomb Sqd.; T/5 Hale on DS to Technical Training School at RAF Kirkham.
21. Pvt Hogan on DS to AAF Cheddington Bomb Recon. School.
22. Pfc Le Winter, Pfc Owen, Pvt Donhauser from furlough to duty.
23. T/Sgt Diller from furlough to duty.
24. T/4 Ferras from DS at RAF Weston to duty.
25. T/4 Harris to hospital (pres).
26. Pvt Hogan on DS to AAF Cheddington Bomb Recon. School; T/Sgt Diller to hospital sick. to 121st General Hospital as of
27. T/Sgt Salon on DS at AAF Cheddington Bomb Recon. School; Pvt Carbone transferred to HQ 1st Bomb Div.; Pvt Arthur Trabits (32793456) transferred to HQ 381st BG.
28. T/4 Harris hospital (pres) to duty.


1. 2nd Lt Gautschi and T/5 Piter on DS to AAF #572 on Motor Vehicle Radiator Suppression School; Pvt Carbone returned from HQ 381st BG.
2. T Sgt Raine promoted to 1st Sgt.
3. 1st Lt Davis transferred to HQ Sight AF Ordnance Section.
4. 2nd Lt Gautschi and T/5 Viter returned to duty; T/5 Hale on DS at No 10 Technical Training School. RAF Kirkham. Preston, Lancs. returned to duty; Pfc Callaghan on DS to Tiresoles Ltd., Palace of Engineering. Wembley, Middlesex. for student maintenance course.
5. T/5 Solon from DS at Cheddington Bomb Recon. course to duty; Pfc Isenberg from duty to furlough.
6. Capt Kelly transferred to HQ 1st BD; Pfc Geron on DS to AAF Cheddington Bomb Recon. School for four days.
8. S/Sgt Easterling on DS to Anti-Gas School, Rollestone Camp, near Salisbury.
9. T /Sgt Diller absent sick from 1st General Hospital to duty; Pfc Isenberg from furlough to duty.
10. 2nd Lt Fontan assigned from HQ 1st BD.
11. T/Sgt Miller on DS to Armament School, RAF Kirkham, Preston, Lancs.; Pfc Callahan returned to duty from Tiresoles Ltd; T/5 Hooker from DS at British Oxygen to duty .
12. T/5 Martin on DS to AAF Cheddington Bomb Recon. course for four days; Pfc Geron returned from Cheddington to duty.
19. T/5 Martin returned to duty from Cheddington; Pvt Tenconi on DS to Cheddington; S/Sgt Easterling and T/5 Chase transferred to HQ Sqd., Dept 52 ASC, USSTAF.
21. Sgt Barber on DS to #8 School Technical Training, RAF Heston, for seven days.
23. Pvt Carcano and Pvt Williams promoted to Pfc.
24. lst Lt Nunamaker assigned this unit.
25. T/Sgt Miller returned from RAF Kirkham to duty; T/5 Rowsell to duty at hospital (pres); T/5 Courson DS to #3 MU, RAF Milton, Berkshire; T/4 Foytek promoted to S/Sgt.
26. T/5 Courson returned from #3 MU to duty; Pvt Tenconi returned from Cheddington to duty;
Capt Bedford assigned; Pfc Isenberg transferred to 1774th Ord. Co. Station #106; T/5 Bazan and Pvt Trabitz transferred to 7th Station; Pvt Dombo assigned.
27. T/5 Rowsell hospital (pres) absent sick.
30. Sgt Barber returned to duty from RAF Weston.

April to June missing


1. Pvt Hopkins transferred in grade from 521 to 511.
3. T/3 Weir duty to hospital (pres).
12. T/3 Weir hospital (pres) to duty.
13. T/5 Riley duty to hospital (pres).
14. Pfc Carcano duty to hospital (pres); T/5 Riley duty deleted.
17. Pfc Carcano hospital (pres) to duty .
28. The following EMs grades are changed from 014 Automotive Equipment Mechanic to 365
Automotive Equipment: T/3 Weir, T/Sgt Denoskey, T/5 Lee, S/Sgt Schnure, T/4 Szczepanik, T/4 Ferree, T/4 Joiner, TI4 Twilley, T/4 Harris, Pfc Saling, Pfc Feerar, Pfc Callaghan, Pfc Crawford, Pfc Taylor, Pvt Guthrie, Pvt Rosso.
The following Enlisted Mens’ grades are changed from 521 to 550: Pfc Callagari, Pvt Skellington, Pvt Janice, Pvt Hubbard, Pvt Dombo, Pvt Chenault.
30. Pvt Elder changed from 521 to 901.

Aug-Sep missing


3. T/5 Martin, T/4 La Vigne, T/5 Black, Pvt Williams, Pvt Carbone, T/5 Piter to duty 13.00hrs; T/4 Chapin, Pvt Elder, Sgt Marshall, T/5 Ryan, T/5 Raney. T/Sgt Schnure. Pvt Rushing duty to furlough 08:00hrs.
4. 2nd Lt Fontan leave to duty as of 3 Oct; Capt Nunamaker duty to leave for 7 days; 1st Lt Coombs assumes command in absence of Capt Nunamaker .
5. Pvt Hall promoted to Pfc; Pvt Hubbard duty to furlough.
6. S/Sgt Foytek duty to hospital (pres); 2nd Lt Fontan and 1st Lt Turnbull both transferred to 534th BS.
10. T/4 Chapin, Pvt Elder, Sgt Marshall, T/5 Ryan, Pvt Rushing, T/5 Raney, T/Sgt Schnure from furlough to duty 13.00hrs; T/5 Hooker, T/5 Embrey duty to furlough 08.00hrs; S/Sgt Foytek hospital (pres) to duty.
11. Capt Nunamaker furlough to duty 18.00hrs; Pfc Carroll duty to furlough 08.00hrs.
13. Pvt Hubbard furlough to duty 13.000hrs.
17. T/4 Twilley, Pfc Plagianos, Pfc Heron, T/5 Becker, T/5 Embrey, Pfc Carroll to duty 14.00hrs; T/5 Grove, Pfc Gallagher, T/5 Reynolds, T/5 Rowsell, Pfc Williams duty to furlough 08.00hrs.
20. Pfc Gallagher duty to furlough 08.00hrs; S/Sgt Diller, T/5 Gale duty to DS at AAF Station #520.
22. Pfc Rowsell duty to hospital (pres) 08.00hrs.
24. T/5 Grove, T/5 Rowsell, Pfc Bell, Pfc Williams furlough to duty; S/Sgt Diller, T/4 Weston, Pfc Ferree, Pfc Bell duty to furlough 08.00hrs.
28. Pfc Carroll to hospital (pres) to duty 13.00hrs.
31. S/Sgt Diller, T/4 Weston, Pfc Ferree furlough to duty.

The Automotive Section handled 175 auto repair jobs. One piston grinder was manufactured for operation on lathe. Many items such as spindle belts were manufactured as all such parts were unavailable at Supply Depot. Only one vehicle was on hand for repair at the end of the month.

The 1775th football team composed of Sgt Van Holler, S/Sgt Schnure, Sgt Marshall, T/5 Wellington, T/5 Piter, T/5 Rowsell, Pfc Ferrera, Pfc Brown, Pvt Reginaldi played the Officers Club in the One Touch Football Championship and won 7-6.

M/Sgt Hathaway, after completion of Bazooka School instructed the entire unit in the function and operation of the bazooka. 1st Lt Arthur E. Coombs, Ordnance Dept., was replaced as company historian by 1st Lt Douglas G. Fontan.


1. Pvt Forest C. Rushing, former 901 transferred to 965; T/4 Ferree, T/4 Joiner, T/5 Courson, Pfc Whatley, Pvt Carbone, Pvt Loveless to duty to furlough (7 days), Pvt Russo to hospital (pres ).
T/4 James E. Twilley transferred to 1402nd AAF Base Unit, Station #112
5. Pvt Hopkins to DS RAF Kirkham on 20mm Cannon Course (7 days.)
7. T/4 Ferris, T/4 Szczepanik, T/5 Dale, Pfc Ferrera, Pfc Taylor, Pvt Hogan, duty to furlough 08.00hrs.
8. T/4 Ferree, T/4 Joiner, T/5 Courson, Pfc Whatley, Pvt Carbone, Pvt Loveless, Pvt Russo furlough to duty; Pfc Harry Carano and Pfc Billy R. Carroll promoted to Cpl; Pvt Rushing and Pvt Williams promoted to Pfc.
12. Pvt Hopkins on DS to RAF Kirkham returned to duty .
14. T/4 Ferree, T/4 Szczepanik, T/5 Dale, Pfc Ferrera, Pfc Taylor, Pvt Hogan furlough to duty.
19. T/4 Huston on DS to British Oxygen Co., Circular Rd, Cricklewood, London, for student welding course of three weeks.
21. Pfc John Irwin duty to furlough (7 days); M/Sgt Hathaway on DS to Rocket Grenade Launcher School, for two days at AAF Station #520.
24. Pvt Thomas Janice confinement to duty 01.00hrs.
26. M/Sgt Hathaway returned from AAF Station #520 to duty.
29. Pfc Irwin furlough to duty .
30. T/4 Gladfelter duty to furlough (7 days).

The Ammunition section handled 845.5 tons of H.E. bombs, linked 83,000 rounds of 0.5 cal ammunition and sand loaded 1804 practice bombs. In addition to this they shipped back 96 trucks of salvage, disassembled 400 M-26 parachute flares, improved its unloading ramp and hard-cored 300 sq ft of ground.

The Armament section re-built and tested 37 0.5 cal machine guns; 50 pistols received from squadrons were inspected, cleaned and oiled and returned to Station #547; 15 oil burners were completely overhauled; an initial issues of 60 complete sets of flak suits were issued plus ten sets for replacements. Eight complete machine guns and 232 spare parts were issued during the month. The section also painted the armament shop and has been distributing coal to the other sections of the company. The care and distribution of flyers' protective armour has been turned over to the engineering part of each squadron.


2. T/4 Brennan on DS to Station #572 at Weatherproofing School (2 days).
T/5 Thomas C. Ryan on DS to Station #520 at Rocket Grenade Launcher School (2 days); Pvt Hopkins duty to furlough (7 days).
T/4 Brennan returned from #572 to duty.
T/4 Gladfelter furlough to duty.
9. T/5 Ryan returned from #520 to duty; T/5 hooker from 121st General Hospital to duty.
10. Cpl Brisson reduced to Pvt; Pfc Rushing promoted to Cpl; T/4 Huston at British Oxygen Co, London will remained for additional three weeks; T /5 Ward on DS at Station #520 at Rocket Grenade Launcher School; Pvt Janice, AWOL to confinement, Guard House, at this station, #167.
11. Pvt Janice, confinement to duty.
12. Pvt Hopkins furlough to duty .
14. T/5 Weir and T/4 Guenther duty to furlough (7 days)
15. T/5 Ward from Station #520 to duty.
17. Pvt Janice duty to AWOL 01.00hrs.
21. T/4 Weir and T/4 Guenther furlough to duty.
24. Pvt Janice AWOL to confinement.
26. Pvt Donald P. Williams on DS at AAF Station Doncaster, Bomb Disposal School. (4 weeks ).
31. T/4 Huston returned from British Oxygen, London to duty .

The Ammunition section handled 404 tons of bombs, sand loaded 1500 practice bombs, shipped out 120 trucks of salvage, belted 100,000 rounds of ammunition and modified 100 M-26 flares. Automotive handled 155 major repairs for the month, 39 six thousand mile inspections and modified one & quarter ton Ford GPW engine to replace a British engine in beacon light. Modified generator adjustment on 4000 gal. refueling unit.

The Armament section inspected all small arms of all units on the station. Two 0.50 cal water cooled machine guns had their ground mounts disassembled, cleaned and cosmolined in preparation for shipment. Packing boxes were built and waterproofed for machine guns; 287 flashlights were packed for shipment; 150.50 cal machine guns were overhauled; 160 pistols, cal 0.45 were cleaned and overhauled; 12 sets of armour were issued to squadrons; 8,100 clay pigeons were issued and during the month 231 machine gun parts were issued to squadrons, as were 57 gallons of oil.


Unit History 1945


3. Cpl Gallagher duty to hospital (pres).
4. S/Sgt Firth on DS to AAF Station #595 on 35mm Projectionist School.
5. The following EM are promoted to Pfc Carbone, Dombo, Guthrie, Hopkins, Hubbard, Reginaldi and Russo.
8. Cpl Gallagher hospital to duty.
9. Pvt Mains duty to furlough; Pfc Irwin duty to hospital (pres).
11. Pfc Irwin hospital to duty .
12. Cpl Saling duty to furlough (7 days).
14. Pfc Brown reduced to Pvt.
15. Pvt Mains furlough to duty.
17. The following EM promoted to Pfc: Elder, Loveless and Skellington.
19. Pfc Le Winter transferred to DOP 4211 USAHP, APO 637, HQ 7th General Hospital; Cpl Saling furlough to duty.
25. Pfc Donald P. Williams returned from RAF Doncaster Bomb Disposal School to duty.
26. S/Sgt Firth returned from Station #595 to duty.
30. The following EM (no names !) transferred to 12th Reinforcement Depot, APO 551.

During the month the Ammo section handled 277 tons of bombs, sent out 90 truckloads of salvage and belted 300,000 rounds of ammunition.

The Automotive section completed a number of work orders or major repairs, including 32 6,000 mile inspections for the station and 18 for Station #161. Modifications include installing channel iron guards over tail light assembly on B.S. trailers.

The Armament section built 20 shipping boxes for carbines and 25 for machine guns. Some 60 carbines were cleaned and cosmolined for shipment to depot, while 104 pistols/holsters were received and 169 pistols/holsters were shipped to bomb squadrons. 407 trench knives were shipped, 10 sets of armour received, five sets issued to squadrons and 8,720 clay pigeons were issued for gunnery practice. Spare parts and cleaning material were issued as follows: 430 spare parts for .50 cal machine guns, 14 quarts of cleaner, rifle bore; 44 quarts, lubricating and preserving, and 159 gallons oil, recoil. 2-360, 52,000 patches, cleaning.


2. 1st Lt Arthur E. Coombs duty to leave (7 days ); 27 EM promoted.
3. T/4 Bob R. Chapin duty to hospital (pres)
4. T/4 Chapin hospital (pres) to duty; S/Sgt George A. Firth on DS to AAF Station, #369, Martlesham for two days.
5. S/Sgt Firth returned from Martlesham to duty.
7. S/Sgt Firth on DS to London.
8. Pvt Thomas J. Janice confinement to duty; Pvt Janice duty to hospital (absent); S/Sgt Firth returned from London to duty .
9. 1st Lt Coombs returned from leave to duty; Cpl Bill R. Carroll duty to hospital (absent).
10. T/4 John H. Ferree duty to hospital (pres); Pfc John Plagianos duty to hospital (absent).
11. T/4 Ferree hospital (pres) to duty.
12. Cpl Bill R. Carroll hospital (pres) to duty.
16. 1st Lt George W. Turnbull and 1st Lt Douglas G. Fontan, both transferred to 534th BS.
23. Pfc John Plagianos hospital (121st General) to duty.
28. Cpl Carroll duty to hospital (absent).

The Ammunition section handled 179 tons of bombs and sent 60 trucks of salvage out, sand loaded 500 practice bombs, belted 72,000 rounds of .50 cal ammo and improved the ramps.

Automotive completed 158 work orders and major repairs and 45 6,000 inspections. Then installed braces for Wisconsin engines in rear of F-1 refueling unit.

The Armament section overhauled 45 .50 cal machine guns, with 56 cosmolined and packed for shipment, as were 200 pistols; 40 boxes were built. Items received were: 17 sets of flyers' armour and 27,000 clay pigeons; issued were: five sets of armour, 130 flak helmets and 14 flak suits; 10,000 clay pigeons, 264 spare parts for maintenance of machine guns, 20,000 cleaning pads and 70 miscellaneous items.


3. M/Sgt George E. Hathaway and Pfc Talmadge E. Hubbard duty to furlough.
4. Cpl Saling promoted to T/4; Pfcs Barrera, Elder, Williams J.J., Carbone, Geron and Whatley promoted to T/5; T/5 Whatley on DS to Tiresoles Ltd. Cheadle Heath on Transport Fire Maintenance School for one week.
6. 1st Sgt Raine reduced to Pvt; Pvt Raine promoted to T/Sgt; T/Sgt Raine, S/Sgt Foytek, T/4 Harris, T/4 Ward, T/5 Riley duty to furlough (7 days). Pvt Thomas J. Janice absent sick at 121st General Hospital transferred to Dept of Patients, 4207 US Army Hospital Plant, APO 69. 7. Pvt Hogan and Pvt Mains promoted to Pfc.
8. M/Sgt Hathaway and Pfc Hubbard furlough to duty.
12. T/Sgt Denoskey promoted to 1st Sgt; T/5 Grove and T'5 Rowsell promoted to T/4; Pfc Owen, Pfc Sail promoted to T/5.
13. T/Sgt Raine, S/Sgt Foytek, T/4 Harris, T/4 Ward, T/5 Riley furlough to duty; T/3 Lee, T/5 Owen, T/5 Reginaldi duty to furlough; T/5 Whatley returned from Tiresoles Ltd to duty; T/4 Thomas J. Powell assigned this unit from HQ 70th Reinforcement Depot; Pfc Walter E. Lund transferred to this unit from HQ, 1st AD.
19. T/4 Sherman C. Harris duty to hospital (pres).
20. T/4 Harris hospital (pres) to 121st General Hospital; T/3 Lee, T/5 Owen, T/5 Reginaldi furlough to duty; T/4 Ernest Bayne, T/4 Owen L. Black, T/4 Andy Piter duty to furlough.
27. T/4 Bayne, T/4 Black, T/4 Piter furlough to duty; T/4 William L. Martin duty to furlough (seven days ).
30. Cpl Billy R. Carroll (34288187) absent sick at 121st General Hospital, transferred to Dept. of Patients, 4207 US Army Hospital Plant, APO 69.

The Automotive section had 161 work orders and major repairs for the month as well as 376,000 mile inspections. They made eight firing pins for shot guns for the Armament Shop; modified and manufactured trunion shaft and bearing for Tractor Crane I Ton 2-1; right front shock absorber and right rear spring for Vauxhall staff car. Installed 300 rifle brackets on all types of vehicles, paint and stenciled 32, while emergency work was completed in under five hours.

Armaments cleaned and inspected 45 .50 cal machine guns; 40 boxes were made to ship guns, while small arms of all units on the base were inspected. Major items issued include: eight sets of flyers' protective armour; 200 flak pads, 10 complete machine guns, 31,600 clay pigeons, 368 spare parts for .50 cal guns. Cleaning and preserving items included: 124 quarts lubricating oil, seven gallons recoil. 91 items including cleaning brushes, paint brushes, emery cloth and cleaning rods.

The Ammunition Dept. handled 1,018 tons of HE bombs. Sand loaded 900 practice bombs and belted 30.000 rounds of .50 cal ammo. Two more bays were added to each of the squadron revetments and three were constructed for chemical bombs. The greater part of the company area was fenced along the roads, a new sign was made and set up at the entrance to the area. A schoolroom for bombardiers was set up.

DOUGLAS G. FONTAN, 1st Lt. Ord. Dept.,
Company Historian.

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